Vivie Harr, Make a Stand! National Volunteer Week

Vivie Harr

For National Volunteer Week I wanted to recognize a few of my acquaintances that have inspired me for good. This is Vivie Harr! I had the chance to meet this sweet girl last summer, in Sonoma Valley, during Chad’s Ironman. She and her family were there to support her dad Eric Harr (an influencer for good & incredible Author/Tri-athlete, Triathlon Training in 4 Hours a Week). During the marathon part of the race, our families camped out at the same playground to cheer them on. Sweet Vivie and her brother Turner loved Zoe and my boys. Vivie was so confident and kind, I was so impressed with what a wonderful young woman she was.

After the race, I reached out to her mom to keep in touch on Facebook. I learned about the incredible work that Vivie has done and she inspired me to get my boys involved in service.  It was the idea that our kids are never too young, they just need to be informed.

We can’t expect our kids to solve problems unless we, first, teach them about the problems around them and, second, let them explore solutions.


“In 2012, then 8-year old Vivienne Harr saw a photo of two enslaved boys, her age, in Nepal. She decided to make a stand for them at her lemonade stand every day, rain or shine, until she raised $100,000. On Day #52, the New York Times broke her story and a moment became a movement. On Day #173, Vivienne reached her goal in Times Square, raising $101,320 to “end child slavery.” Of their 230 million users, Twitter chose Vivienne to ring the bell at their IPO, sending the message that anyone can change the world. The story generated worldwide media coverage including The New York Times, USA Today, The Huffington Post, CNN and the BBC World News.

With the help of her father, Vivienne bottled her lemonade-stand lemonade. Make a Stand Lemon-aid is a B Corporation — with four flavors of organic, Fair-Trade lemonade — whose vision is a world where all 18 million enslaved children are free and safe. The company successfully sold through its first three runs of product (over 30,000 cases) through distribution with Unified Grocers and UNFI.” Eric Harr, Linkedin (Follow him on Twitter)

Vivie Harr, Enslaved Boys

For Vivie, an incredible adventure started with a photo and a Lemonade stand. Her example is so inspirational to everyone who has heard her story.

Vivie Harr, Make a stand

Last year at this time Vivie helped moderate a global discussion with the Dalai Lama at MIT. She and her family are still traveling and participating in so many causes for good.

Vivie Harr, Dalai Lama

Tonight, we are going to sit down for family night and brainstorm ideas.  It might take a while, but we can teach our kids about the problems facing our communities, nation and world. Then we can choose a cause to donate to as a family. What can you and your family do this week for National Volunteer Week? It doesn’t have to be something grand! It can be something as simple as a lemonade stand!

Let’s Elevate!

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