Easy Family Service Project: Sunshine Boxes and Care Packages

Sunshine box care package

A few weeks ago, I met with a group of women at my church for an easy service project! We put together six care packages for women whose husbands are currently deployed.  The boxes were decorated in yellows, oranges and blues and titled “Box of Sunshine.”  We filled them with gift cards, notebooks, pens, hairbands, recipes, lotion, bubble bath, and little goodies! Each of these sweet women are either pregnant and/or have small children at home and we wanted to send them a little love and appreciation for the sacrifices they are making.

I loved this idea so much that I decided this would be such an easy and fun service activity to do as a family. You can just grab your kiddos and go shopping for the goodies you want to toss in the box. We just headed over to target and walked around the cute $1-$5 area at the entrance and picked out a few favorites. Or, even easier you can sit down at the computer and order everything on Amazon!

Really you can do anything you want for these care packages, including themes they might like.  If you know the person likes to bake, get them some cute baking cups, sprinkles, or cake mixes.  If they like art, send them a coloring book with colored pencils, water colors, etc.  Get them what you think they’d want.

Favorite Items for Sunshine Boxes:

Always Believe That Something WONDERFUL is About to Happen

Once you have all your goodies, grab a USPS priority mail box.  Make sure you get the size of box you need for the items your purchase, not to big or too small. Decorate it if you want or don’t. If you aren’t a crafty Mama no worries.  We wrapped each of our items in tissue paper, so that way they would get to open each item and be surprised!

Discussion Opportunity!

We had such a fabulous discussion as a family, talking about how even though we aren’t currently at war there are people serving in the military away from their homes and families. We talked about how lucky my kids are that every day they get to come home and see their dad. There were so many questions and their little minds were blown away at what sacrifices others are making to keep us safe.

Easy Family Service Project, Sunshine Box

Easy Family Service Project, Care Package

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