National Volunteer Week 2017

National Volunteer Week 2017, April 23rd-29th

This year April 23rd – 29th is National Volunteer Week. It was established in 1974 by President Nixon to recognize those who provide service and encourage others to serve. This week is full of thousands of volunteer opportunities and events across the nation.

Each year adults and children are presented with the President’s Volunteer Service Award during this week. There are different tiers for how many hours you need to work in order to receive this recognition. I actually really like the idea of finding an organization as a family and creating a family goal to achieve this.

It may see tricky to figure out what you can do with your kids but there are a few great websites that you can check and see what is going on.

To be honest though, I would encourage you to just sit down as a family and make a list of the talents and skills that you have. What are your passions? Do you like sports, reading, writing, sewing, cooking? Have your kids do the brainstorming. Then once you decide on something you like, search for it.

Here’s an example. My 8-year old son Chadburn decided that he really wants to learn how to sew. I searched sewing service opportunities and I found that hospitals and other charities are in need of bright, colorful pillowcases. Hmm… sewing in straight lines, I can teach him that. has a 1 million pillowcase challenge, go check it out!

In honor of National Volunteer Week this next week, I will be spotlighting a few friends for their examples of amazing service and hopefully it will help motivate you and your family to find something that you can do!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others ~ Ghandi

Let’s Elevate!



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