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This is my friend Melissa and her sweet family.  When Ruby, her oldest daughter,  was two years old, she went to bed a healthy and happy toddler.  During the night she came down with encephalitis which caused a 105 degree fever and seizure.  When Melissa & Matt found Ruby in the morning, they couldn’t get the seizure to stop.  She was life-flighted to the hospital where, after several hours, they were able to stop the seizure.  This has caused, somewhat, severe damage to the left side of Ruby’s brain and cerebral palsy on the right side of her body.  This has been a great trial for Melissa and her sweet family. Ruby has had many years of therapy to strengthen her muscles on the right side of her body and they will continue to work with her to keep her strong.

While Ruby was in the Hospital, her family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House.  While they were there they were provided with “Happy Meals” from Volunteers, when they assumed that they would have to figure out dinner.

For the past five years, Melissa and her extended family have provided Thanksgiving dinner to the families that are staying at the Ronald McDonald House. They were so grateful to the volunteers that served them. It is something that their entire family helps participate in.  Melissa and her daughters, siblings, and friends all provide and prepare the food. On Thanksgiving day, they all go eat, spend time visiting, and show their love and support to the families staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house.

Ronald McDonald House Service

Matt said “During such difficult times for so many families it is such a blessing not to have to worry about your next meal. We love serving there. In fact, the girls don’t know any other kind of Thanksgiving anymore! It’s a special tradition.”

Melissa is so grateful, feels so blessed and now she and her family give back.  Those “happy meals” many years ago has provided her family with the opportunity to love and support others that are going through difficult trials.

If we slow down and are aware of what is going on around us we will find opportunities to bless the lives around us.  We just need to start looking with open eyes and an open heart so that we can see and feel inspired to help those in need.

This week start looking at the world around you in a new way.  In a way that will allow you to see opportunities to help those around you in big or small ways.

Let’s elevate!

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