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    Easy Family Service Project: Sunshine Boxes and Care Packages

    Sunshine box care package

    A few weeks ago, I met with a group of women at my church for an easy service project! We put together six care packages for women whose husbands are currently deployed.  The boxes were decorated in yellows, oranges and blues and titled “Box of Sunshine.”  We filled them with gift cards, notebooks, pens, hairbands, recipes, lotion, bubble bath, and little goodies! Each of these sweet women are either pregnant and/or have small children at home and we wanted to send them a little love and appreciation for the sacrifices they are making. Read more…


    Melissa Weeks, Ronald McDonald House, National Volunteer Week


    This is my friend Melissa and her sweet family.  When Ruby, her oldest daughter,  was two years old, she went to bed a healthy and happy toddler.  During the night she came down with encephalitis which caused a 105 degree fever and seizure.  When Melissa & Matt found Ruby in the morning, they couldn’t get the seizure to stop.  She was life-flighted to the hospital where, after several hours, they were able to stop the seizure.  This has caused, somewhat, severe damage to the left side of Ruby’s brain and cerebral palsy on the right side of her body.  This has been a great trial for Melissa and her sweet family. Ruby has had many years of therapy to strengthen her muscles on the right side of her body and they will continue to work with her to keep her strong. Read more…


    Vivie Harr, Make a Stand! National Volunteer Week

    Vivie Harr

    For National Volunteer Week I wanted to recognize a few of my acquaintances that have inspired me for good. This is Vivie Harr! I had the chance to meet this sweet girl last summer, in Sonoma Valley, during Chad’s Ironman. She and her family were there to support her dad Eric Harr (an influencer for good & incredible Author/Tri-athlete, Triathlon Training in 4 Hours a Week). During the marathon part of the race, our families camped out at the same playground to cheer them on. Sweet Vivie and her brother Turner loved Zoe and my boys. Vivie was so confident and kind, I was so impressed with what a wonderful young woman she was. Read more…