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Which shoes are better New Balance or Saucony? New Deals!!

Saucony and New Balance Shoes
To New Balance or To Saucony That Is the Question!

For years, we have been buying New Balance shoes for our boys.  They love how comfy they are and how cool they look. My boys are so hard on their shoes and I’m always amazed at how well they wear. New Balance seriously survives the beating my boys give them.

Grey New Balance shoes

This last year, I had a friend give me a pair of Saucony for Zoe. She loves them! Whenever, I tell her to go get her shoes, she’ll walk over to the shoe bin and pick out the pink Saucony.  I think they are so cute.and supportive for her as she’s learning to run and play. Some toddler shoes seem bulky and cause more problems than help but these have been awesome.

Purple Saucony girls shoes

I love New Balance and they are the first ones I search for but I’ve found myself searching both New Balance and Saucony for the best sales.

Boys Saucony shoes

So, My oldest, Chadburn, is in the market for some new shoes and I’m trying to decide between the two. I just bought these Saucony for my son Clark and they are the coolest.  I love that they go with everything and that he can put them on all by himself. He’s always asking for his “new green shoes” even though they are more grey than green.

After I saw a pair on sale, I got a little sidetracked and started looking at them for me and my other kids too.  Does anyone have any preferences between the two brands?  Or which of the pairs are your favorite?


Let me know!

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