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That One Time a Lady at Costco Said, “Do You Have Any Idea How Big Your Carbon Footprint is?”

Deciding to have a lot of kids was just something I always wanted.  I came from a smaller family in comparison to other families in my neighborhood.  I have two older sisters and one of them is nine years older than me, so she was in college when I was still pretty young.  When I looked at the camaraderie among my friends siblings. I knew that I wanted that for my own kids. I looked up to some of my friends parents so much!  They were incredibly talented, fun loving people who had tight relationships with their kids, something I didn’t have with my parents. So, I decided at a young age I wanted to be that parent and have that kind of a relationship, but with 8 kids (yes, I do think that is crazy town now).

The First Day I Braved Costco with Three Kids Five and Under

A few months after Clark was born,  I braved Costco.  I loaded everyone up drove down and did my shopping. Everything went really smoothly.  My kids were happy, people were smiling at me, and I got everything I needed. It was perfect! Until, I was standing in the line to exit Costco… Chadburn and Jack started to lose it and Clark started to get fussy in the carrier I had him in.


People around me started to turn and glare at me.  Others were just staring at me and whispering to the person next to them. I was just trying to calm my kids and keep them quiet.  Finally, after a few minutes, a woman, who I had noticed watching me earlier, walks up to me and in not the nicest voice says “Do you have any idea how big your carbon footprint is?”  Everything seemed to slow down after those words exited her mouth and I remember thinking “Wait, did she really just ask me about my carbon footprint?  While my baby is crying? She’s not offering to help?” I turned and looked at her and without a beat responded in an upbeat voice “Someone has to raise the future leaders of our country! Who better than an educated, christian women, that loves her children.”  Miraculously, the exit line moved to a rapid pace and I just walked away and didn’t look back.  The woman never responded.

I Took That Home with Me!

Once we got in the car, I handed my older two Kings Hawaiian rolls, and pondered those words in peace. I am raising the future leaders of our country.  The lessons I teach my children now, the choices I make now, are going to effect my children and their success. This will subsequently effect my grandchildren. I’ve thought about that experience so many times over the past few years. “Someone has to raise the future leaders of our country” became a mantra I have on days when “I don’t want to adult today.” It’s what pushes me, it motivates me to be a better person. What I’m doing as a mother is important.  I may not be a CEO of a large corporation, a leader in a government position, or any high profile person but I’m a mother and I can have an incredible influence for good to my children, and like my friends parents, I can be a good example to my children’s friends that might not be blessed with that kind of relationship.

We are raising strong, independent, Christian children that are going to do incredible things! Don’t let anyone let you think otherwise!

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    I’ve read this article before and was very impressed by this. I had no idea it was you!!! Keep up the good work!

    December 2, 2017 at 7:37 pm
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