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I’ve decided to start Mom Advice Mondays.  I want to share with you regular conversations that I have with my friends. I’m asked the same questions a lot throughout the week. Let’s hope that I can share something with you that will get you through the rest of your week.

One Day at a Time!

I was at swim team practice this last week and sat next to a mom that was nursing her 9 month old girl.  She smiled and looked at me and said “I will never forget the advice you gave me over a year ago.” I was a little thrown off guard and said “Oh? What was that?”

She then recalled this story:

I was watching my 3 kids swim and you walked into the pool area with your 3 rambunctious boys and your little girl was just 9 days old.  It was shocking how calm and collected you were while I felt run down and overwhelmed with my 3 kids.  So, I walked up to you and asked you “How do you do it? I’m exhausted and you look happy.”  You then responded “One day at a time.”  I will never forget that.  Every day when things seem a little out of control I just slow down and think about how to handle that moment of that day.

Slow Down!

We then had a great discussion about how we slow down and focus on the present.  Life gets overwhelming when you are worried about what’s happening right now, while also stressing about dinner, or the party, or tomorrow, or 3 days from now.  It’s not an easy habit to create but do your best to slow down and put out the fire in front of you and know that it will all work out.  You can’t control dinner when you are playing at the park with your kids. You can’t really enjoy playing with your kids at the park, if your mind is stressing about what you are going to be making for dinner.

Calendar your stress for later!

When I notice something stressful creeping into my day, I will mentally calendar it for later.  If you are at the park, the pool, running errands, etc.  Make a note in your phone, calendar, Evernote, Trello, a piece of paper… whatever you use to make lists and put it down and then write a time that you will think about it. Ex. “I can’t plan and collect all of the items I need for cub scouts tomorrow, right now. I will do it tonight at 8:30 pm when my kids are in bed.” It takes it off your mind so you can focus on the now.

Focus on the Now!

I grew up wanting to be a mom! Excited to have 8 kids!!! (Don’t worry we’re done after this next one.) To play with them to never tell them “I’m too tired” like me mom would always say to me. We’re grown up, living the dream, right now, living the reality of it and it’s hard work. If we slow down and focus on the now! Focus on today! We need to focus on what our kids need from us. If we do, we can be those happy parents that we were excited to be! The parents that our kids need us to be!

Try it out this week! Let your mantra be “One Day at a Time” and let me know how it goes!
Let’s Elevate!


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