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3 Steps to Having the Best Summer Ever!

Before summer ever arrives I go through these 3 Steps to make sure we have the Best Summer Ever!

I know a lot of people that start to get a little anxious about summer coming!  “How am I going to keep my kids entertained and happy?” So… I had an activity tonight where I shared with a group of women how I think and plan fun activities.  Having the best summer ever starts with lists, planning, and managing expectations.

Step 1: Create a list of ideas

Sit down with your family or friends and write down any idea that comes to your mind. Think about anything that you want to learn… gardening, surfing, sewing, or a new language.  Think about places you want to go… Museums, National Parks, games or concerts.  Think about things you want to do… roast marshmallows, fly a kite, ride bikes, or have a mud fight. What do you want to teach your children?  This is your chance to do anything you can’t usually do during the school year! Write down ANYTHING!

Step 2: Plan it out

Shop it! I usually start by looking for fun free activities or free days at museums. I love Goldstar and Groupon I like to go on there just to get ideas for fun activities that I can do with my family.  Once you figure out dates of different events get everything on your calendar.  One example is we love to go to the Hollywood Bowl Tchaikovsky Spectacular with fireworks and it’s only on Aug 24 & 25 this year.  I’ll get that on the calendar and we won’t plan on going camping that weekend.  I, also, love to make fun activities a part of my routine. So, I might make Monday’s Museum day and Thursday’s beach day.  That way you don’t even have to think too hard about what you are going to do, it’s planned for you.

Step 3: Manage Expectations

Ask people in the know about what to expect. Is it going to be crowded? Is there going to be traffic? Are you going to need cash? Are your kids going to be tired?  And honestly… Expect the worst!  Then visualize how you can handle it… pack a snack, listen to an audio book, bring a friend, bring jackets or cash… etc.  Then once you’ve planned the best you know how, enjoy the fun that it is! And WHEN something goes wrong just roll with it.  I’ve found that sometimes the things that go wrong are the fun memories you’ll remember forever!

My rule is that everyday we are going to learn something new, do something fun and organize or clean something.  They can totally overlap too!  Like teach your child how to do laundry.  See what I did there?  Cleaning and teaching/learning we’ve got to raise these independent children, right?  Or if your kid wants to learn how to bake brownies it’s something fun and learning something new.  If you do that every day you will go to sleep and you can look back and see that whatever good or bad things happened that day you achieved those three things. At the end of summer it will have been the best summer ever!

I created a PDF handout to pass out to the group of women if you’re interested you can download it here! Summer fun

Best of Luck!

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